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Animal Reiki  1 and 2

for the

Animal Lover 

November 21, 2020/March 6, 2021

Learn the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki -  just for Animals

This two session (must book and be available for both classes) is tailored just for the person who ONLY wants to work with animals.

Animal Reiki 1 

  • Learn the history of the Traditional Usui Reiki

  • Receive Reiki 1 and Manual

  • Learn Self Reiki, the positions and its importance for working with animals

  • Create and Develop Heart to Heart Connection with Animals

  • Practice Self Reiki and Creating Reiki Space

Animal Reiki 2

(wait period of 3 months)

  • Receive Reiki 2 attunement and Manual

  • Learn the Chakras and the extra Chakras only found in animals

  • Learn the 2nd and 3rd Reiki symbols

  • Understand the difference between the CKR and SHK

  • Understand the importance of the emotional symbol and the intensity it has for animals

  • Practice Distant Reiki Sessions on Animals

  • Practice in Person Sessions on Pets

  • Receive Animal Reiki Certificate 

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