What is Reiki? (ray-key)

Observer Tribune Newspaper Article August 2017

Reik is a natural healing system designed to assist in bringing balance to a person or animal.  A full  treatment lasts an hour.  You are fully clothed and lie down on a massage table.  I will then place my hands  on your body or they can hoover above if you are uncomfortable with touch.  You will then lie down on your back for half the session and your stomach for the other half.  After the hour you will be asked to drink some water.  The water continues to flush your system. A person may experience heat,cool, or tingling.  Each session is unique.

Reiki for an animal looks quite different as the animal is in charge of the session.  I begin by asking for their permission to  receive Reiki.  I then just offer it.  Next they will then move their body to the most needed areas.  Animals are so intuitive, they know just what they need. I stay for the hour.

 The goal and purpose is to be a vessel through which the energy can flow -- to let go and allow Reiki to do its work, without expectation or attachment to outcome. 

For a person Reiki can be very relaxing as it helps to balance the mind, body, and spirit.  A balanced body heals as a result  Reiki can help with many different stresses on the body.

Reiki is a universal life force energy. It will go where it is needed. It is very calming to you and your animals. It will work even if you do not believe in it. It can be done either in person or long distance.