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Reiki 2 (Zoom (video conferencing) Format) 

Learn Reiki 2 Long Distance Healing

If you have not taken Reiki I with me, please supply proof of

Reiki 1 along with the date you were first attuned.

Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki 2nd Level

  • Receive 2nd degree reiki attunement (increases energy by 4x)

  • Review Reiki 1 (students should have a strong foundation before moving to Reiki 2)

  • Reiki Symbols

  • Hands on Practice

  • Useful Reiki 2 Manual

Please pre-pay before scheduled Zoom Class

BEFORE the Reiki 2 class on  ZOOM:

      - Schedule an IN-PERSON 2nd Reiki Attunement (allow 15 minutes and wear a mask)

      - Bring Signed Covid Release Form

       - Receive Reiki 2 manual  

Reiki 2  Zoom

  • Attend the Reiki 1 Review on Zoom

  • Commit to Scheduled Reiki 2 Class on Zoom (use manual given to you at attunement)

  • Learn and discuss protocols for sending Long Distance and symbols for level 2

  • Practice (have pictures, and people whom you received permission from to send reiki)

  • Receive Reiki 2 Certificate for People ( I can mail it for a small fee or you can pick it up at my home office)

Upon completion of this course you then become eligible for Animal Reiki.  Let me know if you are interested.

Class size is limited to 4 people

Questions or Concerns?


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